Super Beginner Help with Electron (Asset Tracking)

Hey all! I am looking to buy an Electron for asset tracking. My biggest questions are: Does the particlebuild site have a map UI for tracking? Or is this something that needs to be built? I don’t mind building a web interface, but what is the best way to connect the Electron to the web UI?

Also, is there anything else needed for Asset Tracking? Or is it pretty much ready to go out of the box? Sorry for being such a noob, I just haven’t found a whole lot of resources online for the Electron.


Nope, but you can use any other service that exposes a mapping API (e.g. Google). There are some tutorials about that on this forum.

The Electron alone won’t give you good enough data via cell tower triangulation.
I’d go for the Electron Asset Tracker Kit.


Thanks Scruff, I was able to find a couple of good resources for tying google maps to it. But before I buy the asset tracker, does it come with some kind of unique ID that is then placed into maps API? Just trying to figure out how the tracker gets identified, or how I input the particle into something like maps.

Also, when I mentioned the electron, I meant the electron asset tracker. Sorry for not being more clear. But with that kit, it is good to go out of the box, correct?

Thanks again! :smile:


The Electron pushes the data to the map and when doing that can provide and use any kind of “unique” ID you want to show on your map.

Yes, it is.

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thank you ! :)))))