Privacy issues with GPS example on Asset Tracker library?

The Asset Tracker with the Electron is awesome. A $3/month cellular asset tracker with GPS is absolutely phenomenal! I’m still learning about Particle and all the incredible options, but I had a concern about the “1_GPS_Features” example you provide which demonstrates the Asset Tracker library.

I happened to run the CLI command “particle subscribe g” on my PC, and mixed in the output was all sorts of other people’s GPS data being streamed in real-time. Sure enough, my own coordinates were in there, too. I know how to limit it to just provide my own data, but the lack of control over others accessing my own data was concerning.

Is there an easy way for a newbie such as myself to use the Asset Tracker shield with the Electron, but without broadcasting my private information (GPS coordinates) for everyone to see? In its current form, wouldn’t a privacy warning be advisable?


Bonus question: I see a new version of 1_GPS_Features.cpp on GitHub which corrects the output for the battery voltage and percent remaining. It is 29 days old. When were you going to promote that to be the default inside of the online build tool?

@dick is the library updated in the Web IDE?

@jmccorm, i see that the library publishes the event using the PRIVATE setting. Your information should not be viewable be others.

To test, you can use something like particle subscribe mine and you will only see your data.

Understood. Thank you for the quick reply!