My Asset Tracker+ Project!

Hey all! Here’s a new blog post (first in a series) I’m going to be writing up on my Asset Tracker project.

I plan to go more in depth on how to get the out of the box Asset Tracker set up plus, include the additions I made. Hope you all enjoy!

Also… There’s a solar panel and an IR distance sensor. :heart_eyes: haha!


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Cool, what are you tracking?

You should also use some code we have to put the Electron into a deep sleep when the battery goes down to around 20% SOC to prevent the Electron from dying on you.

What kind of assets are you tracking?

They’re a transportation company so we are working on managing the fleet. Both trucks and trailers. Then, the possibility of sticking a device directly on a product (high value product) so we could tell someone exactly where a particular product is.

I’m currently working on battery management. My biggest problem right now is sending an update drains (on average) .5% SOC every time. I’m using System.sleep(WKP, RISING, TEN_MINUTES) to put the device to sleep for ten minutes. Which is working as expected. However, the whole cycle takes a bit more energy than I was expecting. It’s not necessarily an issue since I’m able to keep the device powered during the day with the solar panel but I’m intrigued by how some people say they can run these types of devices for 3 years without needing to replace the battery :astonished: I’m not that good with writing hardware code to be able to do something like that quite yet. Maybe someday… haha