Electron battery

My project will require Electron deployed in the field for … well permanently.

Any suggestion on how to resolve the battery issue?
Should I go with battery + solar panel for recharging?

This non-rechargable battery seems impressive but how can I use it to power the Electron
Non Rechargeable Lithium Battery 10 Year Life Time

Note: The electron will need to send constant updates on its location.
(well maybe every second or three)

Is that even feasible with the current battery technology?

You will need to add a solar panel for daily recharging.

You will need to size your battery and adjust your code to make sure you have a good balance of solar harvesting vs Electron battery consumption daily.

Updating every second or 3 is doable but is probably overkill, every 30 seconds gives great resolution for me for a moving vehicle.


I think you’re right. Updating every 30 seconds should work just fine.

How small do you think can I make the solar panel + the battery?
I need to make it as small as possible for my application.

Is this going on a vehicle? Can it be placed on the roof of the car if so?

Are you using the Particle Asset Tracker v2 or building a custom solution?

I’m working on a custom solution and am currently testing the Asset TrackerRK library with some modifications to see what works best.

I’m using Losant.com as my backend and dashboards, still a work in progress.

The map below was with using the Asset Tracker LibraryRK library with a custom design. I had trouble with the Acce sensor not waking up as often as I would like so there are gaps. Normally I would update every 30 seconds.

Going to tweak the code so once the speed is over 3 miles per hour it will update every 30 seconds and go to sleep once the movement stops. Then wake again once the Accel is triggered via movement. :

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It’s going to be on top of a vehicle, or underneath for that matter.
But I would prefer it to be small box if possible.

I have another possible project where it will stay stationary and in the field permanently, but will need to send object detection signals every few seconds. It will have to be very accessible to the public and I don’t want any one messing with it. So I want to make as small and inconspicuous as possible.

You’re project seems interesting as hell btw.
And you’re the second person I know using Losant with Particle.
It looks like a wonderful platform (albeit expensive for serious projects)

Have you tried to getting GPS fixes while the GPS sensor is located below the car?

Losant is the best I have come across so far. It offers superior customization for your project compared to the other solutions I have tried. Pricing seems reasonable to me also.