How to make or is there any way to make Particle electron LiPo Last longer?

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I am using particle asset tracker for location and sending other information every 20 seconds, the battery last for almost 5 to 6 hours, i need to make the battery life longer, is the option of using 4000mah can help? if so how long that will improve the battery life roughly?

If there is other option please let me know.

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If you double the capacity of the battery - without any other measures - guess how this would effect the time?
It’s a direct proportional relation with a factor for roughly 1 :wink:

But if you effectively want to extend the run time on one charge, you may rather want to only report when needed and put the device to sleep when not.


Thanks a lot , any recommendation about the best battery (LiPo) to use in terms of longer life?

i am monitoring two parameters location and analog read, i can set the analog or digital read to wake up the particle when it reaches my requirement for example but i don’t know how about the location that is why I need the particle always wake.

is there a way to calculate the particle current requirement so i can be sure for how long the battery will last (mAh/mA), so if my battery is 2000mAh i need to know the current that particle will consume .

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Adafruit sells larger 3.7V LiPo batteries that are compatible with the Electron. They even have the matching JST-PH connector and can be swapped in for the 2000 mAh battery that comes with the Electron.


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Is adding a solar Panel to recharge the battery an option for you, based on your physical project?
If so, you can find many threads on this forum for insight.

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Thanks Rftop, its indoor so i dont think its reliable

In the other options category, in one of my applications I was able to extend the battery life by up to 4x by simply putting in the logic to only send data when there was a significant change, or 30 minutes elapsed(just to let me know there was not a problem).

In this case I was not using the asset tracker, only powering the electron and talking to my own server not the particle cloud, but I was pleasantly surprised the standard Lipo could power the electron for over 24hours without needing to use sleep mode.

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is it possible to directly connect 9 V solar panel to particle shield which is accept from 5 to 12 volt to run and recharge the battery?