10000mAH Lipo battery for Electron?

I have a unique requirement where electron need to stay operational for 6-12 months, with 1-2 wakeup events every day just transmit sensor readings to cloud. Is it possible that I can replace 2000mAH battery that comes with the kit with a bigger battery like 10000 mAH without burning my electron.

Don’t know much about hardware, my strength is mainly software side, so would highly appreciate any expert advice on this matter.

Thanks All,

Could you use a solar panel instead of a huge battery?

Its for indoor application, solar panel would not be possible.

The device will be in a vehicle or object?
When it comes to indoor logical to have a power source. To be a device independent as a backup power supply in case of disconnection of the main source is sufficient and 2000mAH battery that comes with the kit. Tell us more details about the installation of the device.

The capacity of a battery has nothing to do with its ability to “burn” your Electron. You could have a million mAH battery if you wanted, it’s only the voltage that matters.


And the time to recharge!


I am in a similar situation haroon.rehman and I was thinking of connecting in parallel a pack of batteries (2 of 2000mAH) I was reading a bit about this and there are considerations like:

  • Do not use two different chemistries when connecting a pack
  • Try to match capacities as much as possible

But I’m not sure at all or buy a battery of more capacity like this: https://goo.gl/7cYnMP

Any suggestion is welcome.


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@fredycc, the PMIC on the Electron is not designed for multi-battery configuration, parallel or serial. The battery you linked to appears as a single 3.7v cell with built-in protection circuitry. This battery should work fine with the Electron though it will take longer to charge than a 2000ma/h unit.

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@peekay123 Thanks so much for the suggestion :open_mouth:, I would be thinking of a type of charger for this type of batteries and charge it independently for my case.

@fredycc, then you will not be able connect a power source via USB or Vin at the same time of course.

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If you don’t mind using a non-rechargable battery, I’m a fan of the “Li-SOCl2” chemistry batteries: (19000 mAh, not 1900 :slight_smile: )

Something like these:

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The problem with these batteries is that they are not rated to handle the peak currents of the Photon or the Electron so under 1 Amp on the Photon and 2 Amp max current on the Electron your probably going to see the voltage drop out which will cause the devices to reset.


That’s a really good point, so you might need to use 2-4 of these, or use other methods to reduce draw or add capacitance so you don’t overdraw when using those.

Just keep in mind there is some risk in parallel with certain types of batteries sensitive to over/under voltage (risk to breaking the batteries). I’d recommend charging them individually, and buying protected cells.

@qwerty, FYI, the batteries references are non-rechargeable!

Hi haroon.rehman!

I’ve been using an Electron with a 10.000 mAh LiPo battery (connected to solar panel) for quite some time now, never had a problem with the battery setup.

I use a 12V 16Ah battery from ebay - approx $100
I then use a 12V to USB PWM (that also connects to a solar panel) - you may have better luck using a 12V to 5USB device if you don’t want to use solar charging.

Battery > http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12V-33AH-AGM-Sealed-Lead-Acid-DEEP-CYCLE-Rechargeable-Battery-4-Electric-Bike/271571742387

PWM > http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12V-24V-AUTO-10A-20A-LCD-PWM-Solar-Panel-Charge-Controller-With-Dual-USB-5V-DE-/252883999892

Seems to work really well.
Just remember to set the battery type on the PWM to AGM Lead-Acid battery (b1)… probably not going to make a difference though if you are not charging it.

PS: The battery size is probably overkill - but at least you’ve got a starting point.
That battery can support an Electron for about 7days being on all the time and transmitting a lot.

Quick maths -
2ah x 12v = 24w/h usage per day
33ah x 12v = 396w/h supply before flat
396/24 = 16.5 days

I measured the 2ah using a USB power measurement device - it cost $5 on ebay…so let’s say it’s roughly accurate… round those numbers down and best to test yourself. When I tested, I also didn’t have it transmitting, but had it continually searching for a network - but leaving the antenna unplugged. Next test we will connect it with the antenna plugged in

I’ve had an Electron in the field for several (3+) months on a 6,000 mAh LiPo battery. The electron woke from Deep Sleep once every 8 hours to take a reading and publish the result. I don’t remember the exact voltage when I removed the installation from the field, but it was over 3.4 V for sure. I was pleasantly surprised.