High heat and current draw from photon

My photon seems to be drawing a lot of power and getting quite hot. It’s plugged into a computer’s USB plug, at 4.97V drawing 0.37A. (1.8W)

It’s not connected to anything, just dangling off the USB cord. I have flashed it with the Tinker app with firmware 0.5.3.

It gets too hot to handle, and a temperature probe I have touching the bottom side of the PCB reads 66 Celsius (151 Fahrenheit) after running a few minutes.

It will occasionally reboot on its own, but is otherwise running normally.

Is this the expected operating current and temperature?

That’s not normal as far as I’m aware. Have you had it hooked up to something previously (that might have damaged it)?

The Photon should never be barely warmer than room temperature and consume about 0.08 A at 5V. Just file a Particle support ticket we can do some more troubleshooting and possibly get you a replacement.

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I contacted Particle support, and got a new Photon shipped to me. Great support and incredibly fast shipping.

I tried powering my old Photon using the 3.3V and GND pins, but the power draw was still just as high.

The new Photon I received uses less power and doesn’t get very hot. Out of the box, just provisioned and connected to Tinker, it uses 0.075A for 0.37W.