Photon PCB Hardware Issue(Excessive Current Consumption)

Hi Everyone,

It seems I have got hardware issues with the Photon. It draws constantly more than 500mA and occasionally resets. What I have found out is if I slightly press on the P0 module metal shield then the Photon would draw even more current and eventually reset. I have bought another fresh Photon board which doesn’t draw any excessive current but when I did the same experiment by slightly pressing on the P0 module, the new Photon board reset as well.

Did anyone else notice that behaviour? My main concern is what would happen if Photon is exposed to some level of vibration, say exploiting the board in real life scenarios.

As far as I understand the shield is connected to GND and when it flexes a bit it creates a short circuit or very low impedance path with one of the components on that P0 module.

Definitely don’t put the photon in an environment where the metal shield has pressure, or even the potential to have pressure on it. This has been discussed before on here.

Mild vibrations shouldn’t have any effect on it though.