Hardware problem with Photon? Touching top of module crashes it

One of my photons seems to have a hardware problem : the connection of the module to the board seems flakey…

If it gets touched, even a little, it immediately crashes and restarts. Sometimes it restarts just fine, sometimes not so much and it takes a few resets and re-connect of the wifi via the app to get it back…

Does this sound familar to anyone? Should I try for a return?



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same problem here

@brianwyld, this is a know issue. Look here:

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I can confirm this issue with at least one photon I have.
Even a slight amount of pressure on the top of the P0 shield causes a short and resets the photon.

Maybe it’s a feature ? Extra reset button?

The metal case of the module on the Photon is not as stiff as the metal housing on the Core. Pressing down on the housing can cause a short on the photon. This doubles as a sort of “reset-button” since the photon will cut power / reset to protect itself during the short, although I would guess that’s probably not encouraged. :slight_smile: