High altitude balloon tracker

Can anyone tell me how to use my particle photon assembly as a high altitude balloon tracker

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We need more details… Are you embedding the Photon on to the high altitude balloon or using it to track the location of the balloon?

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I assume weight is extremely important to you. Otherwise you could use GPS and Electron. A Photon can determine it’s own location using BSSID and a database online, or just store the BSSID for later lookup. That seems better as it’s difficult to find open Wifi when flying over open space. There no way to send the location in these areas. Over a city is much easier.

You can build this, but you need a different radio than the WiFi or the cellular. Neither have the right range for HAB applications.

I highly recommend reading all the resources provided by the UK High Altitude Society at https://ukhas.org.uk/ There is heaps of information on the site you just have to dig a little. https://ukhas.org.uk/frontpage:guides

I’d also recommend following their suggestions for radios and receiving decoding ballon data it’s solid and it works.