Particle + Google Maps Tutorial 404 Error

I am using the Sample Firmware APP in an attempt to obtain geolocation coordinates from my Photon. The Photon is connected to my home’s wireless network. I am getting the Error Status 404 message which the tutorial specifically mentions as meaning that Google is unable to determine the coordinates. However, I’m uncertain as to why this is the case. One thing I noticed is that in the log for the hook-sent/deviveLocator item, rather than it saying “undefined”, it is simply blank. I can click on the blank field to reveal more detail as you will see in the attached. Perhaps everything is performing as expected and for whatever reason, Google can’t determine my coordinates. I guess I’m just wondering why.

Not listing undefined for the webhook call is a change in the console from when the tutorial was written and is not a problem.

You’re locating from Wi-Fi so it’s quite possible that the Wi-Fi BSSID is not in Google’s database. Those locations are added when an Android phone that has location services enabled happens to obtain a GPS location as well as a Wi-Fi location. This is uploaded to a database. (Apple does the same thing with iPhones, but it’s a separate database.) There’s a delay from the time a location is submitted and is available to other users, as well.


I got to thinking something like this might be the case so I switched to testing with a Proton which is connected to AT&T. cell tower. Unfortunately, I’m having the same results. Thank you for your response.

If you connect a Photon to a cellular hot spot, it still uses Wi-Fi location detection, but now uses the MAC address of your cell phone or standalone hot spot (like a Mi-Fi).

Only the Electron will provide the cell tower information necessary to do cell tower location detection.


This is what I get for posting from my phone while eating fajitas. I totally mixed up my Particles. Forget the proton (no such Particle) comment, I meant to say Electron. I am testing now with an Electron which is connected to AT&T cell service. I get the same 404 error messages. Thank you for your patience with me. :slight_smile: