Google Maps Integration - Error 403

Hey Everybody,

I’ld like to use the Google Maps integration to get geolocation coordinates from my photon but i don’t succeed.
I followed the setup protocol provided by Particle and the hook response i get is:

hook-error/deviceLocator/0 error status 403 from

Does anyone have an idea to figure out that issue?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I found the problem: In the setup protocol at the 2nd step “Get an API Key”, the hyperlink to reach “Geolocation API Documentation” of Google isn’t the right one, it’s rather the one of “Geocoding API”.

The right one is:



Hey @xav – was this link you clicked on in the Console, or in our Docs? Can you provide the wrong URL so we can fix this?

It’s the link in the Console:

In the section ‘‘Get an API Key’’, the hyperlink in ‘‘API authentification page’’ is the wrong one. The right one should be:
instead of:


Hey @xav,

Thanks for this report! We’ve now fixed this link on the Console, so hopefully others won’t run into the same issue as you did. We appreciate your help!



That was a pleasure :slight_smile:


Thank you for the help @xav!

I have the same problem.

Sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t at the same location.

Here you can see the deviceLocator request

Here the google maps integration

Here the details of the response

And then after a while it gets the respones with location.

the details request

Any ideas, I know that error 404 is because there is no Latitude and longitude found but i used the ESPWifiLocation library and it works just fine.

I was having the same problem!
Thanks for the help!