Location detection through wifi for photon

The google-maps-device-locator library has the scan with wifi function enabled, however, is it possible to get a location data with a particle photon through the usage of the wifi network? If so can someone please share a sample code?
Thank you in advance :upside_down_face:

Haven’t ever used the Google Maps service, but assume you need to feed it with the MAC address of the Wireless Access Point that the Photon is associated with.

If so, there is function for that - WiFi.BSSID().

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Eyvallah Mr. Ramadan, I will take a look.

You should ask Gustavo - I remember that he works with google maps.


@gustavotemple @gusgonnet @woakas @gusanche Hello Gustavos :slight_smile: could you help me if you had used google-maps-device-locator library?

Hi Kerem,
There is a Particle-Google Maps integration documented here.

And I posted an article in Hackster here:

Hope it helps!


Wow this looks great, thank you very much!

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Hi, I stucked at step h of Map it on particle device locator and when I open the localhost it does not show anything? What do you hypotesize the problem could be? I used VS code for editing config file. I saved and staged all the changes and an config.json(index) looks correct with my API key in it. But nothing appears on the localhost:8080 :frowning: . I am not an expert in any of this, I can share with you everything upon your request. I would appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you in advance,

Can I still make the ubidots part work if the localhost does not respond?

you have chances that it works - depending on where the problem is on your side…

I am currently working on it. The event log only shows devicelocator, but I checked from google that it actually did function. Maybe ubidots will be able to process the return of this function. I will let you know about the process :slight_smile: thank you for your assistance