Help finding a connector to match this LED board

Hi there, I have learned the hard way that my soldering skills are not up to par. I would like to get a cable that matches this power connector instead, but I’m having a hard time finding it online. Where would I find the cables that match this board?

Don’t worry, I have a backup if I have messed this one up beyond repair.

I bought this, which seems close enough, I guess?

You may find the female connectors on that are too close together. This is a molex connector, but they make so many different connectors, its difficult to find. You’re looking for something like this:

Molex 22-01-1042 - 4 way connector KK5051 range and you will also need crimps molex 08-50-0113. There are AMP equivalents.

Alternatively you could use female headers on pre-made cables.

I’ve spent hours looking for this connector.
It’s not common.

This SMD one fits - albeit snapping off the tab in the process, but in my case I mounted the control PCB directly to the Hub75.

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