Does anyone know if there is such a panel connector for USB (micro) type-B female in a panel connector?

something like this ->

but with this connector in it instead ->

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I think this is what you want:

(solder holes)



Thanks I appreciate the help!

A quick search on provided some possible options. I searched for panel mount hdmi

I have found a micro usb type ab panel mount receptacle to provide external power to my Electron project.

As you can see from the pictures and the datasheets from Amphenol’s web site (the link below) these panel mount micro usb connectors have PCB tails. I was able to solder them, but they are to fragile and often break off if subjected to (not very much at all) movement.

My question is, do I need to design a small PCB to use this connector or are there other options out there including an existing R/A header cable or PCB made for these type of connectors?

I know this is WAY out of scope for the particle electron/photon community, but this is the only place I know where there are professionals that deal with sort of thing on a daily basis.

I appreciate any help, I can get!

Here is a whole bunch of panel mount USB connectors that may work. I used one version of these in the past.

Having the Pins on the backside is a pain in the ass as you quickly found out :smiley:

Can I piggy back on this old issue… thanks :slight_smile:

Simple question: Cant find a definitive answer.
The Photon USB connector is a MICRO USB and not a MINI USB - correct?
I am looking for a bulkhead connector so that when my projects are boxed, I can still access the USB without taking the box apart.

Seem to be loads on ebay - eg.

but need to make sure (as it will take weeks to get from China) I am getting the right thing!

Yes, it’s microUSB.

And that cable should be fine - providing it’s manufacured right :wink:

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Hi @ScruffR,

Many thanks. I could not find that explicitly stated in the photon hardware specs - though admittedly not an exhaustive search!

Best regards
Alan T

It’s definitely there though :wink:


I think I searched for “Micro USB” which is why this slipped through. :slight_smile: Thanks guys! :slight_smile: