Micro USB Connector Problem

So I was unplugging my Spark Core from my PC, and I heard this weird clicking sound and realised that the 5 pins at the back of the micro USB connector somehow came off (they are still soldered on the board, but they are no longer connected to the micro USB connector). Now I have two Sparks, one of which cannot connect to the cloud due to some unknown reason and the other unable to connect to a computer. I really hope you guys reinforced the USB connector in the new Photon, since I ordered two of them already and I don’t want them to become completely useless as well.

hey @collut,

1.) You can email hello@spark.io if the USB connector does have some issue. Or can you share with us how you are testing the USB connection?

2.) With regards to the core that you cannot connect to the computer, how are you using it? Serial? Let us know and we should be able to help you get going :wink: