USB connector Repair

While attempting to unplug the spark from my computer, the usb connector snapped off. Any sugestions for repair? I dont know if I trust my current soldering skills with such small pads.

I would solder wick off the excess on the pads, put a bit of solder on one of the mounting pads. Reheat that pad with solder and slide the USB connector in place. Tack down the other mounting tab. Add a good amount of flux to the pins, and drag solder them down. This can be done with a fine tip radio shack iron probably.

Or maybe Spark has a way you could send it in for repair. Would cost you about $1.69 to send it back to them USPS First Class.

Yikes - sorry @mrmakeit! We are reinforcing the connection in the new Core design with a through-hole connected USB port, potentially further reinforced by epoxy (if this is easy to do on our manufacturing line).

The first step, I think, should be to try it yourself; follow @BDub’s directions and see if you’re able to pull it off. If not, you can send it back to us and we’ll try to fix it with a hot air rework gun. Let us know how it goes!

@zach glad to hear it’s being reinforced, Ill definently try it myself first, since it doesn’t sound too compicated. If I do end up having to get it repaired, how much would it cost, and who would I contact about it?

@BDub Thanks for the suggestion, Ill give it a shot.

No cost, if you can take care of sending it back to us, we’ll take care of the rest. The perks of being a beta tester! :smile:

never did have any success with replacing the usb connector. Apparently the pads were torn off. So instead, is there a way to jtag the OTA firmware on? That would likely be the only use for the usb i would have anyways.

Yes this works perfectly with a ST Link V2 JTAG programmer and the Programmer Shield (or build your own).

You can even JTAG program your application binaries as well.

I recently purchased three Spark Core and I had the USB connector break off of one of them. I think my pads are okay, but I still am not able to get the connector back on using BDub’s idea. I wish there were USB pins available on the Spark Core so that I could just wire a new connector on that. Also, it would be nice if I could load two profiles on my device, so I would not have to change the Wifi settings when I move from place to place.

Anyhow, in the mean time, what are my options to getting this one back up and running? I would need to be able to change the wifi and push out new firmware. Can I change the settings via the cloud? If I have to send it in, what address do I use and how much will it cost? Thanks.

Actually you can do this. After you get one profile on your Core, just put the Core back in Listening Mode and add the second one. When your core tries to connect to the WiFi access point next time, it will go through the list of saved credentials. You can also erase all profiles.

Sorry to hear about your USB connector troubles. The newer V1.0 Core have through hole tabs that are meant to hold the USB connector in with a fairly reasonable robustness. I’ll send you a PM about your options there.

In the mean time you can enter WiFi Credentials via the Spark app (iOS or Android), and then use the online web IDE to program new firmware.

you actually can! just go back into listening mode without clearing the credentials that are stored on the Core, and you can add up to 7 profiles, and it will just try them sequentially