Dead Spark, won't power anymore

I accidentally moved one of my 12v wires on my breadboard to the same space as the 3.3v output. It popped and then no LED. Any idea if this can be fixed? It would suck to be out $45 after only having it a week :frowning:

Bad move…

I have a strong feeling that you cannot salvage it since the 3.3V feeds to the STM32…

Bummer. I was hoping maybe it could be fixed still. Wouldn’t seem like any of the components would cost that much if I could figure out which is bad. A lot of the cost is in the wifi module.

I strongly believe that almost all the stuff got wiped out since the 3.3V is a common power rail…

Measure with an ohmmeter the resistance from 3.3V to GND. Hopefully it measures something LOW. Note that value.

Now measure again after removing each potentially shorted out component on 3.3V to GND.

The output CAP (C2)

The decoupling CAP (C3)

The 3.3V regulator (IC1)

Other caps (C12, C14, C16)

The SPI Buffer

Lift just pin 8, 3, then 7 of the the Flash Memory chip (U3)

Sorry, your STM32 or CC3000 is toast. Time to cry :crying_cat_face:

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

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Any chance you know where I can find a component location diagram? I found these. But it doesn’t tell me where on the board.

Hi @mattb93

In that same github you will find the Eagle .brd file. The free version of Eagle reads this OK, but I have to say it is still really packed tight.

Thanks. I was trying to read from my ipad hoping there was a PDF. Guess I’ll break out the laptop.