Asset Tracker 2 case

I want to put my case together - if I mount the board with the screws provided then I can’t plug in the usb cable to power. I need to add some stand off’s and have longer self taping screws for the case - anyone have a solution? maybe a link to an amazon product.

I don’t have a solution for you. I would be interested if that case is available separately. It looks useful for test deploying prototype projects.

Here is a micro B extension cable that is panel mount. The cable is longer than you need, 12", so you would need to coil it up inside the case. Perhaps you could find something shorter.
I noticed the same cable by Adafruit is available on Amazon.

I tried these connector - boy the solder points are a pain - but they are still too large.

I one that is a bit taller than the one supplied - which I think is better.

I’m pretty sure this is the current case. It’s dimensions are exactly the same as asset tracker 2 case maybe you can find something on their website