Electron Asset Tracker V2 Enclosure

Hi Guys,

I need to create a custom shield for a customer and this enclosure and existing PCB for Electron Asset Tracker V2 Enclosure is exactly what I need (thanks Particle for sharing Eagle files)

Unfortunately I was not able to find the enclosure on the site nor anywhere else, I would like to buy it with my Electron but I can’t.

Can anyone provide me good links to buy this enclosure or any reference ?

Thanks for any help


Here is almost an exact replica of the enclosure.


thank you for your answer but looking at boht pictures, it does not looks like the same, the V2 (in picture in my first post) has 4 screw holes and the one you give me has 2 in the middle and size really looks different.

As you can see in the Particle Eagle File Enclosure size in 115mm x 65mm

And Adafruit one is 110mm x 80mm

Hi @Charly,

Sorry about the near miss with Adafruit, I thought they had the identical box. I asked around internally and we tracked that particular enclosure down to this company:


If you search around here you should be able to find the particular enclosure.




Thank for the info, I think I got it for those interested :wink:

but was unable to find it in black with transparent case, but this one is the same

Adafruit one is this one


Here is a USA company with tons of similar cases.


And https://www.polycase.com/