M.2 (NGFF) SoM connector for B Series B523/B524/B404

I’m finalizing my PCB design for the B Series and spotted quite different footprints for the recommended TE Connectivity 2199230-4 connector. I’ve added the available part from @rickkas7 First-Board Eagle files, and the available EasyEDA model from LCSC.
Attached you’ll find a screenshot of the PCB view, the pads are off by 1.5 mm, which makes me uncertain on which model to use. I’ve measured the pads distance from the Eval-Board, they seem closer to 9 mm then to 10.5 mm, which would give the LSCS model the preference, although their pin description differs to the Eagle version (12-23).
Could anybody share his experience from his own board?

I would go with the one you got from EasyEDA.

The first board tutorial part I exported from the Particle M.2 eval board design. However, it’s quite possible that the Particle board doesn’t actually use a TE branded connector, which could explain the difference in pads.

Also, from the assembled board using the first board layout and a real TE connector, you can see that there’s a lot of copper past the end of the pins. The connector pins are very long so both have good electrical connectivity, but it looks like the smaller size is all that would be necessary.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply!

In EasyEDA, I’ve just found 2199230-4 PARTICLE IO, which has the size of the LCSC model, but comes with the same pin numbers like yours, so it’s a perfect fit.