"First Steps" m.2 library part has incorrect pin numbers, pin naming inconsistency

If you download the SoM first steps eagle project, there are two wrong pin numbers, I'm not mistaken.

On the documentation here & here from Particle:

M.2 pin# 40 -> D3 (Wire1 SCL)
M.2 pin# 42 -> D2 (Wire1 SDA)

In the device that's included with the "first steps" project, those two pins are swapped. I checked every other pin and they seem to be correct.

Also, everywhere else listed on this page, it's GPIO0 and GPIO1 for M.2 pin#s 62 & 64. On the schematic they're labeled as GPIO1 & GPIO2.

Where can we get better resolution images for the B404X SoM module? The ones on the website are very low quality. Do we have access to the design files for the SoM module? It would be very helpful as it's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to port your BRN404X over to the SoM module.


Yes, M.2 pin 40 should be D3 and M.2 pin 42 should be D2. These were reversed previously on the SoM first board and Basic SoM design examples, both of which should be fixed now.

They haven't been updated yet in GitHub. Here's the open issue on github.