Need EE help on Photon project

I need help on miniaturizing a prototype circuit I have built to automate a small appliance.

I also need help in finding this 5 pin connector but I can’t see how to paste in the image, so I guess I need help pasting in the image. I uploaded the image as my Profile picture and background. I suppose the first task I would ask an EE is to help me identify this connector.

You can simply drag the image into the text editor window from your explorer folder if you have it save on your computer.

You can also provide a web link to a image of the 5 pin connector.

Additionally to @RWB’s tip you can use the upload icon in the tool bar of the editor window.

Does anyone know where I can find this connector?

Hi @shorspool

That looks like an Amp connector with pins on 0.156 inch centers. Try

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Thank you! I found this: MTA-156. Now I just have to figure out who to order from and how to order it

Check out or

This does look like the MTA-156 but it’s polarized. Here’s the other side:

White is hot (5V) and red is ground