How to chose the proper female connector

Hi I know this is not directly related to the board,
I have a 5.52.5mm male connector,
Can someone tell me how to select the proper female port to fit the male one.(I couldn’t find a 5.5mm
2.5mm female port)

“2.5mm female barrel connector” should find you plenty options. It depends on what you want to do with it.

Hi,So I am using a external dual monitor system connected to my laptop,and my laptop is not in a reachable place when I plug it to the monitors.So instead of plugging the laptop every time its low.I decide if I take a male and female ports attach them together with switch.I can switch it on an off without getting away from my table.(I dont want to damage my charger cables to add a switch because im taking it to uni with me)
If you can suggest any online store link that would be great.its fine if you cant.

when you say 2.5mm barrel doesnt the 5.5mm part matter?

I might be oversimplifying things, but wouldn’t an extension cord (with switch) be much simpler?

Of course they matter, but searching for the above gets you on the way. Searching for “2.5 5.5 barrel socket” should work as well. Just be a bit creative when combining the terms.

I’d love to give you links, but there are different stores all over the world, and I’m not sure where you are, what your requirements are, how quick you want 'em, what the budget is, etc. With a bit of searching you should be able to find plenty. In all likeliness, there are even hardware stores nearby that sell them. You could also break open a piece of old electronics and reuse that connector.

Hi I am from Australia,It would be great if you can find one with a switch.
I’m looking for the cheapest price even if its making it by my self.
I can wait for like 10+ days for the items
Thank you for helping.