36 pin socket or connector for the electron

Is there a manufactured 36 pin connector that the electron will plug into?

Two of these?

Does the link that Moors7 posted help you out @TomEldredge?

yes, thank you for the suggested part number.


adafruit offers some 36pin. these can be cut.
in stock but they are u.s. based
but i think you mean something like controleverything offering,

or this stuff,

The electron only has 18 pins per side, thus rendering a 36 pin headers useless. Should you want to cut them, anticipate the loss of at least one hole due to the cutting, again rendering them less than useful :wink:

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well, yes i suppose you might not be able to take a dremel and split the header, thus having to sacrifice C0/B0. however if you have space for 2 complete 36pin header each side it offers the opportunity to create a compact breadboard, using either wire or a piece of diy pcb. so there is an opportunity. but besides i did give the controleverything links to give the OP more of what i think he was asking for. but yeah if you want to spend your time hacking away at fellow forum poster offerings have at it and i certainly hope you are having fun doing it. i guess that’s what the some of the elite do these days. :slight_smile:

In my opinion the OP was looking for a standard socket to which he could plug in an Electron, possibly for production reasons. Having to cut up headers to accommodate them is then a less than appealing solution.
Having looked at headers myself, to use for a Photon project, I know they can be difficult to find in the right sizes. If you’re making an actual product, there’s no need for additional prototyping headers, and there certainly isn’t a desire to go cut them yourself. If you don’t care about either of these two, then sure, go with any size header you like. Combine them, cut them, have at it.
The point I was trying to make was that if you’re looking for suitable 36 (2 x 18) headers, then 1 x 36 is not the right thing for you. No “hacking away at fellow forum poster offerings” intended, just offering my thoughts on the matter, though you’re free to interpret that any which way you like. I’m just volunteering as well, I’m not on a payroll to answer here.