Electron IC Socket

Since the Electron has a SIM under the chip itself, is there an industry standard IC socket that would fit it for soldering to a PCB?


Doesn’t really answer your question but I would suggest 2 standard 0.1" headers spaced the correct distance apart.

Nope, there isn’t. Not because of the SIM underneath, but due to the “non-standard” width of the device.
So the best option is as @harrisonhjones said.

Would one of these work?

Product Name : DIP IC Socket;Pitch : 2.54mm/ 0.1"
Row to Row Distance(Approx) : 17mm / 0.67";Number ofPins : 40
Each Size(Approx) : 51 x 18x 7mm / 2" x 0.71" x 0.31"(LWH);Material : Plastic, Metal
Color : Black, Silver Tone;Net Weight : 19g
Package Content : 6 Pcs x DIP IC Socket

The pins on the Electron are 0.7" apart. Could you squish them into a 0.669" width socket? Maybe.

Normally you’d use two separate 18x 0.1" headers spaced exactly 0.7" apart. The specification is in the Electron data sheet:


Also, the Electron header pins won’t fit into those machined female sockets. They are too large.

Okay. I thought that was too easy! Thanks for the info and help!

Would it be possible (I’m guessing it wouldn’t be most cost effective) to use PCB Pin socket like the one shown below?

What’s wrong with these?

Nothing at all. I just hadn’t found those yet. Thanks for pointing them out!

There are SMD versions available too, and even backside-mounted SMD versions, where you push the electron pins through the board into the holes. Check out the Internet button on how that’d look like :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out! Thanks!