Has WEP Login issue been Resolved?

I am still unable to connect my Spark Core where router uses WEP - passkey.

If this WEP issue has not been resolved yet can a notation be added in Troubleshooting Doc under “Flashing green” so others will know as well.



Have you tried to pass the WEP key in via USB or Smart Config?
Via USB after entereing the SSID you should get the selection WEP, WPA, WPA2, open.
Via Smart Config I’m not sure, if it will work, since you can’t select which encryption to use.

@ScruffR, Thanksf for reply.

I will will try it with USB (never did that before) and see if I can connect using WEP.

Ah this is one issue I always wanted to verify personally. I know for sure open wep works already. But how stable for WEP is what I want to know.

Cos the serial Wifi config has a note about wep and I’m hoping to check and see if it should be removed.


I followed the complete instructions even doing a fresh boot load of the Patched TI cc3000 firmware and no success connecting to WEP via USB / Serial Port.

I verified it is passing the Wifi Credentials to the Core but, will not connect via WEP :frowning:

The doc under troubleshooting says:

Networks with WEP security. If connecting with the mobile app works for you, WEP-secured networks should be fine. However, you cannot currently connect to a WEP-secured network over USB. We are implementing a fix for this now, which should be available in the next couple of weeks.

So mobile app is thought to work but USB is known to not work right now.


Good to know, thanks.

But in my case. My core works in a WPA Pesonal network but, will not work even on Mobile WEP. I can’t can’t change the network Login type where I am staying this week but, I do have the correct pass-phrase key for the WEP /Router Login.

Hey Bobby. Sorry to rain on your parade again – but did you realise that WEP is very insecure? It has long been dubbed, “Weak Encryption Protocol.” There are freely available programs online that crack WEP security with extreme ease. They even have friendly GUI user interfaces and all, allowing any kiddy hacker in radio range to jump on your WiFi.

So, if your router supports it and even though it may be a bit of a nuisance, I would highly recommend you change to WPA or WPA2 (Personal). If your router is getting on in age and doesn’t have WPA/2, then I’d highly recommend upgrading.

“Don’t hate me Trinity. I’m just the messenger.” – The Matrix, 1991.

EDIT: Oh – I just re-read and noticed you said, “where I’m staying this week”. So I see the problem more clearly, now. Don’t have a solution for you though, sorry.

And re @bko’s quoted comment above, it surprises me that Spark would be considering supporting WEP at all, since it’s known to be so insecure.

Hi Bryan, Yep. I am completely aware of the lack of security afforded by WEP but, this week I have traveled and can’t change to WPA Personal like I did last month; where I was staying. Its only for a week or two.

The person who owns this router with WEP paid those fools at Geek Squad to do a hatchet job on his network and won’t let me touch it (Being so proud of the Geek’s abilities with their cellphone to helpdesk approach).

Thanks for letting me know though.

On another note, still a work in progress! Check out my inappropriate use of css element attributes that seems to work okay to be the forntend user interface for my project. http://bobbycooper.net/files/index.html

@spydrop … yeah, sorry about that. I guess you read what I wrote before my edits. I did jump the gun a little – even removed the post, then put it back and edited again. LOL

Looking good, though, eh? Good old CSS. Full of traps for young players, but very forgiving. You gotta love it. :smile:

Let’s just say that some users are newer in electronics and not have experience in messing with their router so it’s best we try to accomodate to their Wifi envoronment.

Or sometimes, you just need to get it running on a network you have no control over.

So I guess it was a good point that @spydrop asked and I was alsp pondering about this when it was translating the docs

I learn enough just to fall in to just the shallow traps :slight_smile: Your comments were fine, newbies need to understand that WEP is not safe. As well as, you previously stated, placing an Access Token on a webpage.

Again, you comments are aways recieve with best intention consider. Cheers ! Bobby

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Several routers I have encountered use WEP. I have been unable to smartconfig them with the core.
If I change settings to WPA or remove the security the device connects. Any idea how to get WEP to work as well?

Whether or not WEP is secure enough is irrelevant. Has the WEP issue been resolved. The network I am on has is using and there are many that do. Has this been resolved yet?