Hardware issue- LED blinking all colors

Argon device is not connecting via USB serial and not booting up. it is blinking all colors. I did check voltage at enable pin is 4.1, at 3v3 is at 3.3V.

Reset and mode buttons are not doing anything. This happened when I used ADC at Pin A5 to detect battery voltage. The max voltage ADC got was 2.9V only.

Is it damaged?

Hi @particleA,

The nRF52840 microcontroller manages the ADC. It also manages the USB port. As a next step, try connecting the Argon to your computer using a USB cable that has both data and power. Let us know the state of the RGB LED and whether the computer detects it once you connect it.

Your computer should automatically detect and install the correct drivers. If you experience any difficulties with the driver detection on Windows, please reference out device drivers repository here at https://github.com/particle-iot/windows-device-drivers

How did you wire the battery to A5?
If you had a voltage divider setup to rein in the voltage, your GND connection may come lose causing the max voltage to sit at A5 without being divided down.

Hi, thanks for replying. I used USB with both data and power wires. But, windows 10 did not detected it. Other devices are particle boards are recognized but not this one. I ran the following commands.

  1. particle serial list

  2. particle serial inspect

  3. particle serial monitor

all says: "No devices available via serial"

thanks again

Hi, Thanks for replying. Please find the image of my setup. All ground both from battery and Argon are connected together. The battery is 12V but it to be save side I assumed it be 13.5 volts. Even if voltage is 15V this voltage divider will give out put of 3V.


Did you put the device into Listening Mode before trying?

Great, if you happened to have a loose GND connection even for only a brief moment your device may well be toast :wink:

Yes, But it did not respond mode button and reset button either.

I hope not. as it is soldered.

Your GIF shows a breadboard tho’

Yes, I removed it from PCB to check it.

Have you got the Argon sat in a socket?
When did you connect USB and when the battery?
Did you attach the battery after you seated the Argon?
Did you wire the connect the GND pin before the 12V when attaching the battery and detach the 12V before removing the device from the PCB?

yes in socket. Yes I connected battery after the board. I always connect ground first.

I guess it is toasted :smile: but don't know why. I guess the battery terminal Gnd maybe was not connected properly it might me loose for a movement as it is F2 type terminals.

And can the board be toasted even it is in off state?

Anyway, what should I do so it does not happened next time.


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