RGB Status led flashes strangely

Today after connecting Argon to an external power supply the RGB Status led flashes strangely, I filmed it so I can show you which colors were present. Argon himself did not do it with a USB cable connection to the PC. I state that the voltage on the Volmeter was 5.01 Volts, so I used a Core to check and with this device the LED flashes normally. I often use the mentioned power supply to power the devices but I have never had this type of display.
Does anyone have any idea of this strange flashingProcessing: Argon.mp4…

Regards Valentino

The video is not a clickable link, but if you’re getting possibly a white blink and possibly a green blink the most common cause is drawing too much current on 3V3. The regulator on the Core can provide more current than the Argon, and you can draw too much current which causes the voltage to drop on the nRF52840 MCU 3V3 input, which causes it to enter brownout mode, then reboot.

Hi @rickkas7
correct it flashes green white but nothing connected, i could repeat the exercise, then i did a tinker flash and now it seems to work fine.

Thanks for the reply. Best Regards Valentino

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