What if RGB led does not blinks?

my electron is powered through usb plug only red led (charging led) is blinking no RGB led is blinking at all
any solution for this issue

That depends on your code :wink:

You can try Safe Mode.

i tried safe mode but didn’t work

what u want to say

Do you have the battery plugged in as well? You may want to put the Electron in DFU mode and, assuming you have Particle CLI installed, run particle update followed by particle flash --usb tinker. Make sure the device is in DFU mode before either command is run.

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no battery is connected to electron
it is always powered on with usb cable
actually the electron is on field and from some time RGB led is not blinking

@viraj, the battery is needed since most USB power supplies may not be able to provide fast peak-current requirements when the Electron attempts a cellular connection.

and what if it is directly powered up through VIN pin and GND pin (applying 5 V on these pins)

@viraj, that’s fine but again, not all power supplies work for fast peak current demands. This is what the battery on the Electron does.

ok i had problem for cellular connection it was continuously blinking green may be the above reason said by you
but if i continuously power through VIN pin and battery is connected to electron is it ok

and my main problem RGB led is not blinking and i tried safe mode also no output
any solution plz

I want to say that we had multiple such questions before, just to find out that one of the first statements in user code was either a System.sleep() or RGB.control(true) command.

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no System.sleep() neither RGB.control(true) is used in my code