Particle Electron not working

I have a Particle Electron which Is connected to a USB power supply and a battery.

  1. At this moment, there are no LED flashes
  2. When the battery is removed however, the Red LED flashes continuously.

Could someone please suggest why none of the LED’s are turning on with the battery and power supply connected ?

How about if you plug the Electron into a different USB port?

Have you tried other USB cords?

The Battery charging LED flashes quickly when there is power applied but no battery present so that shows that the PMIC chip is working when you supply power.

The main Color LED should lite up when power is applied via USB unless it’s running code to do otherwise. You should be able to hold down the reset button to reset the Electron and see some LED light if it’s a new Electron.

What code is running on the device?

We frequently have such reports only to find that the user app puts the device to sleep immediately after power up.

What happens when you put the device into Safe Mode?

@Falcon, is the Electron on a breadboard?

@ScruffR @peekay123 @RWB Thank you for your responses, great community!!

After restarting the device, The LED starts blinking, It switches every few minutes from green to blue.

Unable to get it to breathing Cyan.

PS: The device had previously connected to the network once & I was able to register the device.

No, the Electron is on Particle Asset tracker kit.

Can you post a video of that blinking?
Are you using a 3rd party SIM?

No, I am using the SIM provided by Particle.