Grove OLED Display 0.96" SSD1315 on Argon with Grove Shield for Particle

I try to use the GROVE_OLED_128x64 library in the Web IDE to run a Grove OLED Display 0.96" SSD1315 on Argon with Grove Shield for Particle (out of the Particle IoT Starter Kit). I run the HelloWold.ino but nothing happens on the display. I tried to connection on both I2C 1 and 2.

How can I use the Grove OLED SSD1315 with the Argon on a Grove Shield? SSD1315 is fully compatible with SSD1306 according to Seedstudio.

Thanks for any help.

@ajerni, do you have a link for that Grove display? I could not find a Grove display using an SSD1355, only SSD1315. The GROVE_OLED_128x64 library is designed to work with SSD130x display chips only.

Sorry, I meant SSD1315, which should be copatible with SSD1306 according to

The issue remains the same: The library does not work for me. I assume connecting the OLED with the Grove cable to an I2C port on the Grove Shield should be the correct connection isn’t it?

Thanks a lot for your help.

U8g2 library is not loading on WEB IDE - could this be imported somehow?

@ajerni, doing a bit of googling it looks like the SSD1315 is different from the SSD1306 and won’t (mostly) work with SSD1306 drivers. On the SeeedStudio blog:

Note: You can still pair this OLED display with the SSD1306 sample Arduino code but it may only work intermittently. Because of this, we’ve provided our very own tutorial with sample code, which you will find later in this article!

As for the U8g2 library, it likely has a lot of files and the Web IDE can’t seem to load big libraries. However, if you develop with the Particle CLI or Workbench, the library will load as expected.

Thanks a lot for your help. I never used the Workbench so far. Is there a documentation on how to import a library. In the workbench (VS Code) is an entry “install library”. I tried entering U8g2lib and U8g2lib.h but it did not work. Do I need to download it somehow first? Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks a lot.

@ajerni, assuming you created a Project in Workbench, you would indeed use the “install library” command and use the exact (case and all) name as it appears in the Web IDE. In your case, it would be “U8g2” I believe. This will copy the entire library to a folder in the project. You can then open up that folder and you can copy the text of an example to your project (.ino) file that you specified when you created the project. You can find Workbench help here:


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