Grove LCD display


I am confused about using the Grove LCD display from Seeedstudio with the Grove connectors on a Particle Photon. I can find the lib on, but after flashing the example, the displays stays dark. Not sure what hardware hacks are needed to get it working? (reading about adding pullup resistors or using a VCC from VIN, but this would sure break the grove connectors: Problem with Grove RGB LCD ? )


Hi @poseid, I am just using it directly without any pullups (assuming you mean that same 128x64 OLED display. I am using the Adafruit SSD 1306 library.

Are you suggesting that you are using the Grove connector directly on the Photon without breadboard when you say this?

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If not, give us some more detail about your setup (also what display since Grove LCD is not too specific as they might well sell more than one kind I’d guess) - maybe even an image - we might have something to work on.

Indded, the main question is what plug and play display solutions are there for the Photon? See here what I tried: The hardware: is a Grove LCD display v.2 - it works with the Johnny-five LCD lib that references JHD1313M1 and Arduino with Firmata (and I2C)

One thing I learned is that the display needs 5V, while the Photon board only has 3.3V. So, this would require a breadboard to use VIN from the Photon.

I guess I need to look at other displays, maybe the OLED one as mentioned above.

Are you popping the Grove shield onto a Particle Shield shield?
Or where does the Photon plug in there?

Did you ever figure this out? I’m working with the same issue, but I’m only getting a dark screen.

Just add the 2 pull up resistors to the data wires and it will work

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