Boron and Grove OLED display 0.96 (v1.1)

Hi everyone,

i have a boron with v4.0 firmware using a grove shield and many grove sensor. I try to use a grove OLED display 0.96 (SSD1315) board v1.1.

Screen let black …nothing on it appear.

I have try this example:

#include "Grove_OLED_128x64.h"

#if defined (SPARK)
// Nothing to include if Spark
#include <Wire.h>
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>

void setup()
  SeeedOled.init();  //initialze SEEED OLED display

  SeeedOled.clearDisplay();          //clear the screen and set start position to top left corner
  SeeedOled.setNormalDisplay();      //Set display to normal mode (i.e non-inverse mode)
  SeeedOled.setPageMode();           //Set addressing mode to Page Mode
  SeeedOled.setTextXY(0,0);          //Set the cursor to Xth Page, Yth Column
  SeeedOled.putString("Hello World!"); //Print the String


void loop()


I2C config ? Librairy bug ?
Any help are welcome… :slight_smile:

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