Boron LCD compatibility

To give context, I saw Android's iPager joke a while back and thought it would be cool to make one myself that can send text messages.

I've managed to get the code for sending an sms working on a boron, and plan on using the grove particle mesh shield alongside the grove buttons.

However, I'm not sure whether my display of choice is compatible. After some google searches, this library seems like a good fit for my project, but I can't find any information regarding the chipset of the linked display, or its compatibility with the boron.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I apologize in advance if I make some beginner mistakes - I've never worked with something like this before.

Hi @Dean

Welcome to Particle forum!! No need to apologies, we have all been there. I (maybe way more than others) still make 'beginner mistakes' :grin:

When using displays, I tend to search Github for anything ESP or Arduino related. With some minor adjustments in the code. (normally headers files) you can adjust the pins needed and have the library working in no time. HERE IS an example for your display.

If you are using the WebIDE, I see there is a Sparfun library for a similar display.

As a rule of thumb, you should be able to use just about any display on a Particle device providing you can find a library for it :smile:

Regards, Friedl.

Thanks so much!

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