Boron LTE Receive SMS update?

So I’ve taken a look at the some of the older SMS to Particle posts and there’s one that looks like it was pretty well figured out. The problem is that it was for a Photon, and it was last updated 5 years ago.

I’m looking to achieve the same result by sending a SMS to my Boron LTE and have it perform some function (LED off or on). I’ve tried the old code and setup but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Is there anything about the old code or setup that I should update for the latest edition of the software & hardware?

Here’s a link to the original “finished” product…

Hi @LADD his project uses the Particle device Hardware, the firmware could be a little difficult to understand and edit. This example manages directly the connection and used AT commands to communicate the main microcontroller with the uBlox module. Maybe some commands change and depending on the specific uBlock module could be changed.

I am not sure why would you like to use SMS, but maybe you can use integration with IFTTT in order to do the same.

You can consult the information about this library in the next link.

Maybe you can review this project in with a similar application.