SMS Trigger Boron LTE with Twilio


I’m trying to use Twilio to trigger an action on my Boron LTE via an SMS. I’m pretty new to both, but have been doing tutorials to work toward being able to do this. I really want to limit the tools I use to Particle and Twilio. The forum posting below is close to what I’d like to do, but the trigger will be a text message, rather than a static data source that can be polled. The way I understand subscribing and a GET webhook leads me to believe they won’t work. Even if I set up a GET webhook, but the Boron would have to intermittently poll. Am I not understanding them well enough? Or am I right to think that this is not possible. If it’s not possible, is there any other Particle functionality that would allow me to trigger an action on my Boron LTE via SMS only using Twilio? I realize the answer could be on the Twilio side of things, but I’m not expecting support for Twilio on a Particle forum. If it is, let me know, and I’ll ask them.


@doodah This may be what you are looking for: