Someone knows how to use a 128x32 I2C OLED Display with Spark?

Someone knows how to use a 128x32 I2C OLED Display with Spark?

Looks like I2C need some library for ArDuino so can i use librarys with spark?

Checkout this thread!

Which 128x32 display do you have? Where did you get it?

I have the 128 x 64 and 128 x 32 OLED display from Adafruit but haven’t tried to use the library on the Spark Core yet, just trying to get the wifi to hold a signal first.

Adafruit has a Arduino Library for the 128x32 OLED that may or may not work without modification.

I waiting for my OLED from Adafruit: Monochrome 128x32 I2C OLED graphic display

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I picked one of those up - they are super slick. Using them from the Spark would be nice.

I hope to get my on Monday (tomorrow) can update here if i got something to work have some ideas what to display.

If someone else has tips thanks to come with it.

And i forgot to thanks Dave for the link you send before in the thread hope to get it to work

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RichardP, I posted the Adafruit SSD1306 OLED display library on my github some time ago. It will work with 128x32 and 128x64 displays:

Adafruit_SSD1306 for Spark

Let me know if you need any help using it! :smile:

Does both SPI and I2C work?
Which is preferable?

@michaelkrog, yes the library supports I2C, hardware and software SPI :smile:

That is just awesome.

My spark should arrive in mail today. Can’t wait to try it out. :smiley:

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Hi @peekay123 , thanks for your library. I am quite new to the Spark and have been trying to get the library to work but seem to have some problems…

What I did:

  1. Create a new App in the Spark Web IDE
  2. Find the library ‘ADAFRUIT_SSD1306’ in the Spark Web IDE
  3. Include the found library in my new app
  4. Verify/Compile the code in the Spark Web IDE

At this stage I see a few errors. I am attaching a screenshot of what I can see. I hope you can help! One other quick question is that I am using an Adafruit 128x32 I2C OLED display so would I need to make any changes to the library code or remove any files/lines before use? As I think I saw that the filenames/code refer to 128x64 rather than 128x32?

Thanks again,

really strange!

Just tested in the Web IDE

  • Existing project with library compiles fine
  • New project including library with no extra code, compiles fine.

This leads me to believe it’s in your own code…

In regards to your 128x32 vs. 128x64…

I could be wrong, but you should have at the top of your file:

#include "Adafruit_SSD1306/Adafruit_SSD1306.h"

#define OLED_RESET D4
#undef SSD1306_128_64
#define SSD1306_128_32

Adafruit_SSD1306 display(OLED_RESET);

Which would switch the library to use the 128x32 display… it compiles fine, so I think you’re good with that…

Might need to see your code before we can help with other compiler errors…

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Ok, sorry! Please ignore my problem above. I think it was some weirdness between copy/paste and the Web IDE and also the fact that I may have been including the library from the IDE as well as adding the files manually…

Anyway, I still don’t have the OLED working but I think I got past the previous issue :smile:

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Ok, hooray! I managed to get the OLED working with the Spark! I really don’t know what was causing the issue but I just started again completely from scratch following the instructions from Callil in this thread :

And now everything works! Hoorah!

Onto my next problem :smile:


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