Somebody got Adafruit SSD1306 I2C oled driver library to work on spark?

I trying to get the Adafruit SSD1306 I2C oled to work with Spark.

One of the stuff i trying is to convert the Adafruit library for SSD1306 from Arduino to Spark but there looks like to match things i don´t have any idea how to convert…

Someone has alrady done the part of Adafruit GFX library so its only the SSD1306 part to get to work.

Adafruit SSD1306 library:

Adafruit GFX library can be finded in this repository:

I have also taked a look at some code i got after search in this community and tried to convert to SSD1306 but still got not more then got some pixels on the display.

i tried to do the exact same thing, hence finding this post in a search for an answer.

The frustration was high, and ended up moving on to something different. But, now i have a need to get this working again.

I have nothing to add at this stage, as i’m stuck, but will add content here if i accomplish anything.

Same here :frowning:
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I think @peekay123 got this working already. Did you see this thread?

And his github:

Lots of folks have ported the GFX library including me along with the Adafruit_LEDBackpack library. If you need the font, glcdfont.c you might have to put it in glcdfont.h in the webIDE.

As ‘bko’ has said, the answer is located in the thread above.

I can say that i now have SSD1306 running on Spark Core using Adafruit 1.3" OLED, using I2C.



Library Noob question. But without the spark.json, the repo is a not recognized b y the IDE. Do you guys all make a copy just to add the one file? Or am I missing some basic thing?

Copy and paste… That’s the only way to fly with this one so far…

You can have multiple files in your project with the little circle plus in the upper corner of the webIDE. So it is cut-and-paste for a non spark.json library, but you don’t have to put all the code in one big file.