Grove Connector J11

Im trying to sort out the Pin usage for J11 on the Tracker Evaluation board.

J11 is listed as GND, 3V3, A2 and A3, but A2 and A3 are RTS and CTS of Serial 1. Shouldn’t A2 and A3 map to RX and TX of Serial 1? What am I missing?


The same physical 4-pin Grove connector can be configured with digital GPIO, analog in, I2C, or serial. In some cases, pins can have multiple functions, but the Tracker evaluation Grove connector can only be used for GPIO/Analog In/I2C (A0/A1) and GPIO/Analog In (A2/A3).

There is no support for serial Grove peripherals on the Tracker eval board, or the E Series eval boards, for that matter.

You can use TX and RX from the expansion header.