How many GPIO's left over for my use when using Asset Tracker?

I’ve searched the forums, and scoured the asset tracker info and can’t find the answer.
I see it has two Grove plugs (Which means I have at least 4 GPIOs?)
Just wondering what else I can run on an Asset Tracker…
IE: How many and what kind of pins do I have left to work with?


What version of the Asset Tracker Shield have you got?
Mine hasn’t got any Grove connectors.

But here are the schematics of v004

This shows that RX, TX, WKP, A2~A5 and D6 are used, where A3~A5 can still be used for other SPI devices.
So you still have most GPIOs left at your disposal.

Excellent thanks.
They just released a new board today for Asset Tracker.
The new ones have the Grove connectors.

So I will assume it’s very similar to this old one.

I see, you haven’t actually got one yet as the new ones haven’t been sold before.

BTW, the Grove connectors just use two I2C pins (plus GND & power)

Correct I don’t have one yet, I saw the Grove was I2C.
I just got the announcement in my email this morning about the new one and was thinking of doing like remote start in my vehicle with the Asset Tracker and wanted to know what my options would be with IO’s…

The schematics of the new AT shield was just added recently here

Thanks!!! :slight_smile: