Electron tracker grove ports

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, I’m still learning…

I know the grove ports are for sensors, but it would be awesome if they can be used for PWM outputs (at least the one DC connector).
Does anyone know if this is possible?

I have a Neopixel LED strip and a servo as PWM outputs, the grove plugs look very inviting as convenient connections for these two outputs. The LED strip in particular is attached to my custom enclosure lid and if I could simply unplug it I could set the whole lid aside during servicing.

Currently it has to dangle from the rest of the unit, which is fine for me, but when I deliver the unit I won’t be the one servicing it and am concerned the wires will be pulled loose or damaged by someone else.

The servo isn’t as important because it’s attached to the same part of the enclosure as the Electron tracker. But it would still make the wiring much cleaner if the other grove port would work.


The grove sensor ports have A0 and A1 on the analog port and D0 and D1 on the digital port. The A0 and A1 can’t be used for PWM but they can be used for NeoPixels. D0 and D1 can be used for PWM (servo), as long as you’re not using I2C elsewhere.

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