Tinker-Servo library assistance

I could use a hand getting the Tinker-Servo library updated for the new Particle devices. I had naively designed a PCB for an Argon/Boron and used D8 for a servo control port. As it turns out, the official library has port D7 as the highest (digital) port number. I had to download the library, tweak it and use the web IDE to compile my program, as I’m not proficient in “git”. I think this might be handy for others, too, who might be using one of the new Particle devices.

If someone recommends a different/better servo library that’s already compatible, please advise.


Please post a link to this library?

Here’s the link provided via the web IDE: Tinker-Servo

This library is obviously rather old (and not really “official” :wink: )
But for controlling servos, you wouldn’t need any library but just use the stock Servo object.

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@ScruffR, Thanks, as always. I was in too much of a hurry and didn’t even pause to think. Obviously, a much better approach and it works great!

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