Particle Electron / Asset Tracker with Grove Sensors

My experiments with the Grove connectors on the Particle Asset Tracker did not work. One connector is Analog and one is I2C. I have a ton of Seeed Grove sensors and found a Grove Temperature Sensor in one of my crates. Certain that I connected it correctly to the Asset Tracker v2 board and confirmed on a separate Arduino board that the Grove Temperature Sensor works correctly.

Does anyone have an Asset Tracker example using a Grove sensor?

Actually A pins can also be used as digital GPIOs.
But if you are using the A pins as analog, you need to adapt the Arduino targeted calculations (5V 10bit) to fit the Particel ADC’s specs (3.3V 12bit).


@ScruffR - Right - The analog sensor data I was getting off the Grove Temperature Sensor v1.2 is off by a substantial margin. More than the spec suggests is possible.

A bunch of additional searches found this Particle forum discussion. It mentions that the readings from the Particle devices will go from 0-4095 instead of the arduino’s 0-1023. That’s the extra resolution (extra bits) on the analog to digital converter. The calculation for resistance needs to take that into account. I can’t find that documented anywhere but it was the clue I needed.

I hacked at the Grove Temperature Sensor v1.2 example code and fiddled with the math. It seems to be reporting a reasonably accurate temperature now.