E-Series Eval Board need pull up on Comm2 for I2C?

Does anyone know if I need a pull-up resistor on the i2C comm2 port for the E-Series Eval board?

Data sheet doesn’t mention anything on the topic:

There are two 4-pin connectors available for you to plug in Grove compatible sensors. CONN1 exposes two analog pins (A0 and A1) while CONN2 exposes the I2C pins (D0 and D1).

The issue I am seeing is 65535 readings from an Si1145 Sensor on that port after 2 or 3 successful (and normal range) readings. Perhaps a pull up would help? Using the Grove Si1145 for hardware, FYI.


Neither the E series module itself nor the eval board have pull-ups for I2C (D0 and D1) so you’ll need to add those yourself if you are not using sensor breakout boards that already have pull-ups.

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