Green Light Setup Bug in 0.4.5/0.4.4 - How to Solve

NOTE: This bug will be fixed in the 0.4.6 firmware release!

This bug only occurs when multiple Wi-Fi networks are configured, but none of them are available. To avoid it entirely, please erase your network before attempting to connect to a new one. Networks can be erased by holding SETUP until the RGB LED flashes blue rapidly (about ten seconds).

Info on the bug:

There is currently a bug that happens when your Photon is blinking green and you attempt to enter Listening Mode.

If your Photon has just started blinking green and you hold SETUP to put it into listening mode, it will not go into listening mode and the LED will turn solid green.

To solve this bug, you can either:

  • Wait ~40 seconds before putting it in Listening Mode. If you wait about 40-50 seconds before pressing SETUP, the Photon should be able to get into this mode.


  • Attempt to hold SETUP and wait ~30 seconds after the Photon displays its solid green light. It should revert to listening mode if you wait.

@corey believes that there is something potentially wrong with that piece of blocking code, we are investigating this issue. He has confirmed this bug with 10+ photons.

Note also that if the Photon gets any credentials loaded onto it for a 5GHz network, it will go into Safe Mode (as expected). The real issue with this is that when you try to setup the device again on a 2.4GHz network it freezes and holds at solid green, solid blue, or shuts off. Please be careful of this for now! If this happens to you somehow, then you can try to reset your Wi-Fi networks by holding SETUP until the RGB LED flashes blue rapidly (~10 seconds).



might be better to use the only clear wifi credentials method (hold SETUP) instead of the full reset since it might cause DCT corruption if people are on <0.4.4 firmware

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Just a note to say that this issue will be fixed in the 0.4.6 release.

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What is the solution for a similar problem on the Spark Core?

That’s a different issue that can be discussed over there
Spark core flashing green after wifi reset

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