Photon P1 only flashing green

I’m not allowed to make a post in #troubleshooting so I’m posting here.

After a failed update through the console (verified firmware), one of our customers just gets a rapid green flash. We tried resetting the wifi credentials but that didn’t do anything. When entering safe mode it flashes magenta briefly but then proceeds back to flashing the rapid green light. The photon does not show up in the particle app so no WiFi connection. USB is not accessible.

Is there a way to solve this externally? We and our customer is on different continents.

Thanks for all feedback.

Probably done alread, but have your client check their WiFi aswell :wink:

If that is known to be good and working, try an alternative WiFi AP (e.g. mobile hotspot).

Thanks for the input. However setup has been hold for more than 10 seconds so there should not be any WiFi credentials stored. Now it won’t go into setup-mode with flashing blue…

Did you see any rapid blue flashing while you were holding down the SETUP button?
If not the WiFi creds weren’t erased.

Furthermore, if your application is not running SYSTEM_MODE(AUTOMATIC) it needs to initiate a WiFi connection before the device would realise the lack of WiFi creds and conesquently fall into Listening Mode.

For the lack of knowledge about your code, you can even have application code prevent entering Listening Mode for whatever reason.

Hi again. They took a video while holding down the setup for 10 sec and yes there was a series of rapid blue flashing after the 10 sec. Then went back to blinking green.

As for the code I don’t know the spesific, but I’ve had many customer putting the unit into safe mode before. Many more setting up WiFi. So something happend during the update that failed…

Then it is probably best to file a support ticket.

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