GPS lock stopped working for Asset Tracker Shield 3G (Asia)


We are working on a vehicle tracking application for our client and have prepared a POC for the client to try vehicle tracking features of Asset Tracker Shield. Our client is based in Dubai and we are located in Pakistan. While developing the solution we had fairly reliable GPS position locking without an external antenna but since we upgraded the system firmware to version 0.6.0 the shield is not getting a fix at all.

Hoping that may be different environment conditions in Dubai the shield will manage to get the lock there, we sent the device to client but the result is same no GPS lock even under the open sky.

We have another device here in Pakistan for development and that one is getting GPS lock without any problem. Please note we have followed all the recommended settings to get a GPS lock except the external antenna

1- Shield is powered via screw terminals and electron battery
2- CR1220 cell inserted in the shield
3- Electron battery fully charged

I just can’t get my head around why one device would get the fix for sometime then totally refuse to do it later and second device always getting the lock?

Maybe @mohit or @Dave can help me out here.


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Did you have the GPS backup coin cell battery installed when you sent it to Dubai? If so it’s still probably holding GPS position data to get quicker locks in the area you were using it at which I would assume may cause extra long times to get Fixes when moved to Dubai.

Maybe try taking out the GPS backup coin cell and remove battery power for a few and then power it all up again and let it sit outside with clear line of sight in all directions in Dubai and see if that helps any or not.


cheers @RWB makes sense. Will try that and update here.