Asset Tracker - Does not work! [SOLVED]

Read, and tried all in this post (except external antenna, which i have on order).

However, I’m still VERY disappointed in the unit! Outside in clear view, I still have not been able to get data from it!
My Cell phone, even in the middle of my house (1 story), receives a perfect GPS signal, so why can’t this outside of the house!?

I hope I didn’t waste my money? Anyone else finally figure out the issue? Is Particle even working on the library anymore to fix these issues?

I have the battery installed on the GPS as well as the LiPo, tried powered via USB and Not.

Any Help would be appreciated!

The backup battery for the GPS will not help make GPS fixes quicker until you get a solid GPS signal for the first time.

How long has the the GPS antenna been outside?

I can get a GPS signal inside my 1 story house in 60 seconds or less with the backup battery using the same GPS chip but it did take some time to get the initial fix. Make sure you have a clear line of sight in all direction for the quickest initial GPS lock.

Thanks; did you get your fix without an antenna?

Its raining right now, so sitting in a window; but when it stops i’ll leave out for the day. Last time i tried it was about an hour :frowning:

Are you sure that this wasn’t an aGPS reading?

Have you tried this library?

How long did you wait for the fix?

Yes, it was without an external antenna.

Make sure you have a clear line of sight to the sky in all directions so the GPS sensor can get data from all overhead satellite signals.

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Hi @marcusone,

Using external antennas make a huge difference! ( )

You can also grab your time, and your position using your cell tower or WiFi router, and use that to cut a ton of time on a cold GPS position fix. (This is how your cell-phone gets a lock so quickly)

I also discovered that the GPS antenna expects to be flat with respect to the ground / sky, and needs a clear view of the sky / horizon. It’s trying to see satellites that can hang out near the horizon.

I hope that helps!



Thank you everyone.

For new people here is what I did (if you too have issues with your location at first).

I took my Electron and GPS shield for a drive! placed it on the dash “naked” (just battery gps shield and Electron with GPS coin battery).

Now that it has GPS fix, it is much faster and able to get one at home.

Thanks for the note on aGPS, after reading that i understand why cell phones are usually still good with GPS indoors!

Note: once the GPS has a fix, the LED will STOP blinking.