Goes into Listening Mode after a couple of hours

Hi , I got a pair of photons the other day , so learning what I can do and not do.
I’m having problem with the one I’m playing with dropping out of connected mode and having a fast flashing led , which from the docs is listening mode .
Not sure if it’s getting disconnected and it’s going into listening mode is what?

Fast flashing cyan (light-blue) is when it’s trying to connect to the cloud. Could it be that your internet is down intermittently?
Blinking blue (blue only) is listening mode, but that’s not really ‘fast’.

Are you sure it’s listening mode?

it looks like the video in the guide . listening mode
It’s not the internet down etc , because a second photon , flashed with the basic led flash as been connected all day without a problem .
I’ve tried flashinng the program on both photons , and see if they both do it .

That’s strange, could you try flashing something to it again, even ‘blink an LED’ should work. That should trigger a system upgrade, if that hasn’t yet been applied. That might resolve the issue for you.
If you press the reset button when it’s in listening mode, what happens? Does it work again, or does it stay in listening mode?

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